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Company sports meeting

With the coming Beijin Olympic games holding at our capital, our company sports meeting also come to the first section.
Our sports games start as plan in the beautiful Xiamen International meeting and exhibition center. The competition include:

1,Table tennis(Single) 
3,Fixed-point shooting
5,Relay-race with the ball on the table tennis bat

From 9am to 1bm, nobody is late and left earlier. All the people help and encourage each other with solidarity and friendship. And all play with their best level and get the best result.

Among them, Zhenxiangliang(male), Linchunyu(female) from Sale department won the first in the table tennis(single) separately.
LiQingmei(male) from Operation department, Jingmeili(female) from business department won the top in the badminton(single) separately.
Apart the table tennis, the sale department also won the badminton, relay-race with ball on the table tennis bat, fixed-point shooting.
Special pair: Sinopower and Trans-china won the bat(team).

Next we will hold the second and third section, hope everyone will have a best result during the games.