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Wonderful Moment of 2012 Year-End Dinner Party

On Dec. 31, 2012, we gathered at Xiamen Huaqiao Hotel again. In an instant, one year has passed. During the year, we forged ahead with firm steps amidst challenges and endurance. On the occasion of seeing the new year in and the old year out, we gathered together to review the improvement we have made in all fields to farewell the success and glory of 2012 and embrace new hope of 2013.
There were many climaxes in the party. The eye-catching prize awarding ceremony was the appreciation for the hard work of the winners. The bronze, silver and god medalists helped us to further recognize those who have been working with us for years. The award also set for outstanding managers for their conscientious work and devotion. Director Chan presented the grants for the winners. Besides, some lucky draws were designed during the party. Five Samsung cameras and IPAD that provided by Director Chan finally found their lucky persons. It was the first time for Trans-China to praise the best programs. Eight programs from eight different departments contended the prizes. Finally, the program “Love the Country but Love Beauties Better” from Customer Service Department, “Gangna Style” from Documentation Center and “Three and a Half Sentences” from Qingdao Branch won the first, second and third prize.